Celebrating the value of people, relationships and stories in beautiful pieces that reflect them.

What we all truly treasure is the meaning that lies deep within every object.

If you could write a book about your own life, what would you tell?
Would you have fond memories of your childhood?
Would you give importance to where you came from?
Would you talk about your goals and dreams?
Would you speak of your accomplishments and successes?
Or your day-to-day grind?
Would you talk about the people that make life worth living?

Whatever you choose to tell, you do so because they mean something to you. And they all say something about WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Sophia. Honor Your Story.

Empowering towards Self-worth and Self-care

Since 1993, Sophia Jewellery has been dedicated to uplifting women, emboldening them to fend for their own security and to develop a deep sense of inner worth, with jewelry serving as a means to this end.

Sophia has since evolved to embrace other principles than resonate with more people – equality, inclusivity, respect for local culture and the environment, and giving value to the different thoughts, perspectives and stories we all have as unique individuals.